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Custom Database

Webedelic can create a custom database for either a portion of your website, or for the whole site as needed (see CMS's). We can implement an administrative area to add news to your site, edit or add the employee list and their bios, a careers database to update job listings and remove them when they are fulfilled - or a full blown, interactive data-driven section of your site. We have built applications of all sizes that reside online for site administrators to maintain their businesses. Whatever you may need to access frequently, we enable full control to authorized company users.

A database behind your website can also allow you to gather data from your visitors, send out announcements, or facilitate your business by selling products (see ecommerce).

An off-the-shelf canned CMS database may not have the capacity and detail you require for powerful in-depth searches or other highly customized site needs. We highly recommend tailoring a site to satisfy your specific requirements and avoiding the canned software approach that relies on plugins for functionality or customization. If an exploit is used against the version of canned software you are utilizing, an update is required for the fix and all customization is lost. In addition, plugins may need to be updated to properly function and usually they are not all updated at the same time, if ever. Instead of applying the whole kitchen sink to blanket your needs, with many plugins not even being applicable, creating a customized database for your site without the use of plugins and widgets allows you to avoid making your database vulnerable to hackers and is by far the best way to protect your site, all while optimizing access to your website for the administrator and the visitor.