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CMS (wordpress)

CMS Facts
Validated and properly optimized website is imperative for a sites content to be fully scanned and absorbed for the optimum results from the search engines

Templates limit what you can control

Templates add a lot of bloat to incorporate a lot of what you CAN do opposed to what you need to accomplish your site needs and goals
There are no management limitations with wordpress. We have programmed and managed other CMS software packages, but when creating a new site we prefer the scalability of wordpress. It allows us to still be completely validated with a custom programmed theme for the purpose of the search engines.

Your design can do anything and you can control any part of the content or elements within the cms. If anyone tells you there is a limit to what parts of your site you can manage, they simply do not have enough experience.

If there is a needed solution that doesn't exist on the market or plugins, we will program it and find a solution for your need.

Your site can sell products and have a custom search/function, and still be at your control from within a highly customized design. Our customizations will allow you to reach all the parts of your site.

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