Web Development, Marketing and SEO

By choosing Webedelic to create your website or application, you can rest assured your project will be developed and coded with search engine preparedness in mind. And, to keep your site at the lead of search engine results, we offer multiple methods to get your project noticed and ranked near or at the top of those results. Years of experience has propelled our team to innovate an unprecedented SEO system that works harder to push your site to the top than any other system available. By working with our clients to explain how search engines see websites and how our system ensures proper sight, response and display of the sites we develop, we can direct you to choose the appropriate SEO option and provide a tailor-made package to be developed and implemented specifically for your site.

Even if you decide to apply our SEO system to your current website, our team will tackle proper coding of the site to ensure clean and clear communication with search engine spiders. Once the enhanced site is established on the web with its new code language, we continue the optimization process by researching phrases and markets to refine the gears in your site and compel search engines to notice specific, targeted phrases visitors will use when searching for your business on the web.

We look at SEO as more of an artistic science, not a mechanical digital dump that tips the scales of search results at any given time. Our enhanced blogging, content writing and social media services are also offered to maintain your optimized site’s effectiveness and heightened presence on the Internet.