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SEO Facts
of searches do not go beyond the first page of search engine results

of searchers click on natural results

driver to sites are search engines

Almost half of digital marketing budgets are spent on search results.
SEO has become an industry to itself. Years ago, people knew so little about proper code, we had every site we created at the top of the search engines. As the search engine spiders became more sophisticated, we keep up with any algorithm changes. We stay on top of the technology to keep our clients on the first page of search engine result pages.

70% of those that search, click in the natural results of the search engines. These will have unlimited clicks and show authority of your site's content about that subject.

We will research the most popular phrases that are searched for in your industry. We will optimize your site, updating any programming that allows us to best implement these phrases to illustrate to the search engines that you are the place to visit for the subject.

If we create your site, your site will validate. If we inherit a site that wants aggressive SEO, we may have to reprogram the site to prepare it for the search engines. Validated code is following the standards set for programmers to use. There are thousands of ways to code badly and for it to still look okay to the end user. Developers are expecting to see validated code in the structure of a website. This could be a web browser that interprets the code, expecting specific standards. To show off bells and whistles or from a lack of experience, the vast majority of sites do not validate but do function in most browsers. The issue is search engines are more stringent on validated code, sifting through what they expect to see to identify where the content is and what your site is about. When a site is not properly validated, these spiders only see part or sometimes no content of who you are.

Las Vegas Web Designer for SEO

You can call us anytime to get a free evaluation of your site. We can tour you through the tools we use to see if your site validates and is coded correctly for the search engines.