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PPC Facts
of searches click on pay per clicks

Integrating seo with ppc increases clicks 25% and profits 27%
We offer several unique pay-per-click solutions: Guaranteed Top 3, Traditional Pay-Per-Click, and Retargeting.

First is the guaranteed top 3. We will evaluate the key phrase or phrases you want or we research, and give you a flat fee quote. Much of the pay-per-click market can have limits set by price or there can be bidding wars. We guarantee the phrase(s) will be in the top 3 paid positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing with no bidding wars or creeping pricing.

We make large bulk purchases that allows us to leverage our account in good standing to bring the best results to our clients. You can ALWAYS be at the top of the search engines for a discounted pay-per-click rate.

We offer traditional pay-per-click for Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing with effective ad creation and comprehensive keyword research. We run these ads in short runs using split testing to get the most effective click through return. We put budgetary limits on the ads for each month for whatever that ad buy amount is, still allowing people to get good placement and trust flow through our pay-per-click accounts.

We can bring targeted advertising to your site. You have seen when you search for a product or service, the ads for those products and services follow you around for a while. The average is 5 times the success rate of the traditional pay-per-click result. The ads will keep appearing around the internet reminding past visitors of what they searched for and what you offer.

Our ads will be fine tuned for effective conversion, covering Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing networks.

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