Web Development, Marketing and SEO
Blog/Blog Writing

Whether you want to initialize a new blog on your website, or wrap your site's design around your current blog, we will work in either direction to keep your branding intact. You will be provided an administrative login and password, where you can post any text, from promoting events, adding news, or just offering detailed information on your products and services. Anything you deem beneficial to the promotion of your products and services can be posted in your blog.

For our clients who are better at doing business than writing about it, our professional writing staff will tackle your blog for you, posting fresh, relevant content at regular intervals anywhere from once or twice monthly, to every day. You determine the frequency at which your blog is updated. We can also make recommendations for blogging frequency to satisfy your goals. Our team of writers is skilled in writing specifically for the digital world and knows how to complement our SEO system and enhance the work we are already accomplishing for our SEO clients.